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Hi, could you help in regards calibrating the colours manually please?  I have used your profile but still my images are coming out bad

Bonjour, j'ai moi aussi ce problème avec mon imprimante, il ne reconnait plus les couleurs en CMJN mais en RVB !

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Our profiles are designed for our consumables and 1440 x 1440 L1800 resolution by default. Which rip software are you using and which printer?

Hi, I purchased the bundle from yourselves. Not the epson one the one with the white casing. And also using the software that came with it. Acrorip 9.0.3. 90% of my prints are coming out very faint and or colours not right

Please send screenshots of your acrorip settings. You should be able to attach them to your post here.

Also, in colour tab, click on ICC profile button and try selecting Photoshop5deafultCMYK or the ICC profile that should be on your USB stick.

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