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Is there a printer colour profile for the Epson L1800 using your print media and DTF ink?

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We just had these ICC profiles made the other day. Please see the attachment. I have not done much testing as we calibrate the colour manually and don't use them ourselves so I can't give you the exact settings.

How do you add this profile to the program? I have copied it to the programs media file where the other profiles are, but it doesnt appear in the program. I have also right clicked the file and clicked install, but it deosnt work.

It should go into profiles/cmyk folder.


Im also interested in the profile or ICC for this ink, did you guys get this to work?


Hi, i have epson L1800 printer and when i want to print white letters i get wite letters on film, but after the pressing and heating i get grey letters (on dark t shirts) or some kind of rose letters (on red t shirt).

Can u help me how to set up acrorip to get clear white letters ?

Tnx in advance

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That's one of the problems with DTF in general. The transfers are not 100% opaque. They are a little bit transparent and let some light through. The trick is to mix a little bit of black powder with your white powder and print at 1440 x 1440 resolution with as much white ink as you can before it starts running. Try 120%. Also you need to make sure the white is very well mexed and it's not separating in your dampers


No white base

Do a nozzle check. Do you see white on the nozzle check sheet that's printed?


Is there an ICC profile for the Epson XP 15000?

Please try this one

Is there an icc profile for the epson et-8550?

Sadly no but you can try one for xp-15000 that's attached above.

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