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Is there a printer colour profile for the Epson L1800 using your print media and DTF ink?

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We just had these ICC profiles made the other day. Please see the attachment. I have not done much testing as we calibrate the colour manually and don't use them ourselves so I can't give you the exact settings.

How do you add this profile to the program? I have copied it to the programs media file where the other profiles are, but it doesnt appear in the program. I have also right clicked the file and clicked install, but it deosnt work.

It should go into profiles/cmyk folder.


Im also interested in the profile or ICC for this ink, did you guys get this to work?


Hi, i have epson L1800 printer and when i want to print white letters i get wite letters on film, but after the pressing and heating i get grey letters (on dark t shirts) or some kind of rose letters (on red t shirt).

Can u help me how to set up acrorip to get clear white letters ?

Tnx in advance

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That's one of the problems with DTF in general. The transfers are not 100% opaque. They are a little bit transparent and let some light through. The trick is to mix a little bit of black powder with your white powder and print at 1440 x 1440 resolution with as much white ink as you can before it starts running. Try 120%. Also you need to make sure the white is very well mexed and it's not separating in your dampers

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