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I purchased A3 plus pet sheets from yourselves and a note on the bag they are in says don't print on glossy side? I can't really say one side was more glossy than the other, well not really, but on your product list it says nDouble Matte, and I am able to scrape the coating off from either side so can't tell enough difference between sides to be 100 % positive I am using the right side.

Regards Geoff.

Ps. is the ink you supply compatible with other DTF inks as I topped up my colours with your inks and they don't seem to sit on the sheets like before I topped up, unless I am using the wrong side. Cheers for any help you give to put me right. 

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Hello Geoff,

Thank you for your purchase. One side of the film will have a slightly smoother surface and one will have slight glossy specs. Smoother surface side is the side you print on. It can be hard to see. Direct light helps. If you are not sure just print a small design on each side and see which one looks better. When it comes to ink, it's never a good idea to mix different inks. Please try printing on a different side in case that's what is causing the problem. Here are our contact details in case you prefer to receive support in private:

Best regards,


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Yes I have got it now, I was printing on the wrong side, prints and ink are fine despite me mixing them. :0).

The reason I asked the question is because I am already using pet sheets  and print on the dull matte side, although there is hardly any difference in either side to be honest. 

I read the instructions on the sheets wrong and took them to mean don't print on glossy side........ my apologies.

Kind Regards


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