DTF Powder

Introducing our premium hot melt adhesive DTF powder, the perfect solution for all your DTF printing needs! Our DTF powder is designed with superior quality raw TPU that guarantees strong and long-lasting adhesion even after 60 washes, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. Our DTF powder can withstand 60C wash cycles without cracking or losing its softness. It offers just the right amount of softness and stretch. Provides excellent hand feel.

We sell 2 types of DTF powder. Black and white. White powder is suitable for most applications. Black DTF powder, also known as blockout powder is mainly used to block any unwanted patterns or designs that your garments may come printed on with. For example striped shirts may require black DTF powder as the stripes can remain visible from underneath the DTF transfer once applied when using the white powder.

DTF powder has an optimal melting point at around 150C. It develops a slight sparkle right before melting which indicates that the curing process is about to start. Continue melting until the sparkle disappears and the powder is evenly melted. Curing times entirely depend on your equipment. Usually 2-3 minutes. We recommend longer curing times at a lower temperature for optimal results. Fast curing under higher temperatures may result in powder boiling. This creates tiny holes where the bubbles burst.

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  • dtf tpu powder

    DTF Powder

    £2.00£25.00 Excl. VAT
    Select options Buy DTF powder. Premium raw TPU material. Soft and stretchy. Suitable for 60C washing.
  • black dtf powder

    DTF Black Blockout Powder

    £3.00£35.00 Excl. VAT
    Select options Black DTF powder UK. Ready to apply. Premium stretch TPU.