Cotton Sublimation Coating Spray SUBV2XX Mugs Glass Metal Wood Polyester Ceramic Pretreatment

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Cotton sublimation coating spray has a number of applications. It can be used in light coloured cotton sublimation or to make your polyester sublimation brighter and improve washability. This pretreatment can also be used on mugs, glass, ceramic, metal and wood. Application process will vary depending on your material but in most cases it’s as easy as spraying the coating onto desired sublimation surface with a spray bottle and drying it with a heat press, hair dryer or naturally. Then sublimating according to your usual process. Spray bottle is not included but any used and cleaned spray bottle you may have laying around will do the trick. Please order a small sample first and test this coating first.


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Light cotton fabric coating. Polyester coating liquid. Improves washability and colour brightness. Liquid pretreatment for mugs and ceramics. Can be used on metal and wood surfaces.

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