DTF Transfer Film

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Our DTF transfer film has been specifically designed to be used with our DTF inks and DTF transfer powder. Our DTF transfer film offers high ink absorption, slow drying and very easy warm peeling. Perfect for professional DTG and regular desktop printers that have been converted to be used with DTF. Try a small sample today and see how well it works for yourself. A3 film sheets can be peeled both hot and cold. Please allow around 10 seconds for the film to cool slightly when peeling hot. A quick spray of cold water can speed up the process. The sheets take 10 seconds to transfer at 160C, 10 seconds to cool and 10 seconds to repress.

This is an old film listing. Please browse our shop to HERE find more advanced DTF film that’s available to buy. All the film in this listing has been discontinued.

A3 roll is 30cm wide x required number of meters. 10 meter of A3 roll = 23 sheets of A3. You will need to cut it yourself but it’s the most cost effective option. You can cut it into desired length pieces and avoid wasting parts of A3 sheet on smaller designs.

DTF film has two sides. A printable side with special coating that helps with easy and quick peeling, and a bottom side with special grippy coating which helps the printer grip the film better. If you hold the film up to the light, more even and matte surface will be the surface you want to print on and the glossier, more reflective surface which sometimes has bright reflective specs is the bottom side you should not print on. If in doubt, experiment with a small print.


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