Epson L1800 A3+ Printer For DIY DTF Conversion Bundle

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Resupply is delayed due to many suppliers refusing to work with UK after Brexit. We are working on establishing alternative sources for printers. There is no estimated date for the restock.

DTF Start bundle includes:

  • Brand new unmodified L1800 printer.
  • 200ml x 4 of CMYK DTF Ink
  • 500ml of White DTF Ink
  • 100 Sheets of A3 DTF film
  • 400g of soft DTF Powder
  • 100g of Durable DTF Powder
  • Rip software with key dongle

Epson L1800 refillable EcoTank printer comes with EU power cord with added US or UK adapter, user manual and usb cord. This printer can work with 120V and 240V. You will need to modify the printer yourself. This involves removing a set of rollers, adding a waste tank and a film tray. Here is a video tutorial showing how this printer can be converted for DTF. We can help you if you have any questions. L1800 printer will come with standard Epson 1 year manufacturer warranty, which you will void during conversion process.

Due to courier restrictions on liquids, ink will be sent in a separate box via Royal Mail.

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