Epson L1800 A3+ Printer For DIY DTF Conversion Bundle

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DTF Start bundle includes:

  • Brand new unmodified L1800 printer.
  • 200ml x 4 of premium CMYK DTF Ink
  • 500ml of premium White DTF Ink
  • 100 Sheets of A3+ DTF film
  • 1kg of DTF powder
  • Rip software with key dongle
  • 100ml of printhead cleaning solution + swabs and microfiber cloths

Epson L1800 refillable EcoTank printer comes with a UK power plug, user manual and usb cord. This printer works with EU and US voltage but you will need a plug adaptor (120V and 240V). You will need to modify the printer yourself. This involves removing a set of rollers, adding a waste tank and a film tray. Here is a video tutorial showing how this printer can be converted for DTF. We can help you if you have any questions. L1800 printer will come with standard Epson 1 year manufacturer warranty, which you will void during conversion process.

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