Silicone Heat Pad 40cm x 40cm With A Digital Controller

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A budget friendly DTF powder curing solution. Thin, light and portable silicone heat pad with built in heating element and a digital temperature controller. Simply put it on a heat resistant surface, plug it in and 3 minutes later you are ready to melt your DTF transfers by placing them on top of the pad powder side up. It takes approximately 3 minutes to melt 1 A3 size sheet. You no longer have to buy an expensive oven or use your heat press for powder curing. As this is a brand new silicone based product, it will emit a slight smell during first use but it will go away with time. This pad will heat up any surface it is placed on so be careful and watch your fingers. 40cm x 40cm heated area. Set your desired temperature between 0-160C. It’s always best to cure your transfers slowly. Fast curing at higher temperatures can cause bubbling. Our powder melts nicely without bubbling at 120C using this pad within 3 minutes or so. Please raise the temperature slowly during your first time use. First to 60C then to 100C and finally 120C.

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