Universal DTF Cleaning Solution Flush Unclog Recover Clean

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Universal DTF printer head cleaning liquid. Perfect for maintenance and unclogging stubborn clogs. Suitable for all water based inkjet printer inks. This solution can be used to flush old printer pigment ink out of the printer in order to prepare it for DTF ink. Can clean ink lines, dampers, surfaces and of course printheads. Pour a few drops of this DTF cleaning solution into the capping station in order to prevent it from drying out during long term storage. Can be warmed up to improve the results. Suitable for an overnight printhead soak in order to recover your printhead from more serious clogs.

Optionally you can add 1 or 5 syringes as well as a flexible rubber tube (2mm ID 6mm OD) that will fit snuggly onto the syringe and allow you to flush most printheads. Severe printhead congestion may require an ultrasound cleaner soak. Not all printheads will be recoverable.


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100ml, 200ml, 500ml, 100ml + 1 Syringe and 1 Tube, 200ml + 1 Syringe and 1 Tube, 500ml + 1 Syringe and 1 Tube, 100ml + 5 Syringes and 1 Tube, 200ml + 5 Syringes and 1 Tube, 500ml + 5 Syringes and 1 Tube