30cm Wide 100m Long DTF Film Roll Double Matte Warm Or Hot Peel

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Double matte DTF film roll. 30cm x 100m. Warm peel. PET heat transfer film for DTF printing. Double matte film only has one printing side. Usually the outside. Bottom side has special grippy coating which improves registration and prevents film feeding problems you might experience with some DTF printers.

This film does not warp during the curing process. For optimal results, apply the DTF powder and cure your freshly printed DTF transfers at 130-150C for 2-4 minutes. Press for 10-15 seconds at 150C. Peel with a rolling motion after 20 seconds or when the film feels warm to the touch. This film can also be peeled cold. Press the transfer again after peeling for an additional 5 seconds at 150C with parchment or heat press paper on top. This step is optional but you might prefer a softer feel with less gloss.

DTF film can be affected by high humidity. It’s best to keep it in an air tight zip lock bag when operating in high humidity environments.


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Film Length

100m, 1m Sample, 1000m (10 rolls)

Peel type

Fast Hot Peel, Warm Peel, New Instant Peel