DTF Powder

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Buy DTF powder. Premium raw TPU material. Soft and stretchy. Suitable for 60C washing.

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DTF powder, also known as a hot melt adhesive, has been specifically formulated for use with DTF printing. Our powders offer superb adherence, great washability and stick precisely to ink and not the film.

Soft and stretchy TPU powder with warm feel. Perfect for t-shirts printing. Please order a small sample first if you are not sure.

This powder can be cured at 150C or 300F and pressed for 10-20 seconds. Press completed transfer once again for another 5 seconds with a sheet of parchment paper on top for better feel.

This powder can be cured in the oven, with a heat gun or under a heat press. To cure your transfers under a heat press you will need to follow these steps. 1. Place your transfer on top of a heat press pillow or heat press foam. 2. Lower the top heat plate until it’s approximately 1cm away from the transfer. 3. Cure the powder for around 2 minutes at 150C or until melted. At first it will become sparkly. Then it will melt and form an even surface.

For best results keep DTF powder in an air tight zip lock bag. TPU polymers have a tendency to pull moisture from the air and may not perform as well when damp.


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