DTF Printer – Print From 33cm Wide Roll – No Film Jams – White Ink Circulation

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This DTF roll printer can print straight from 33cm wide DTF rolls. Save on film costs by optimizing space between prints and minimizing film waste you would usually get from DTF film sheet cut-offs. This DTF printer comes with a custom made main board that does not require cartridge or waste ink resets. New roll grippers make film feeding problems a thing of the past. Pop the rollers up, insert the film by hand and pop them down. There is no need for roll printing or roll management software. Feed the film back and forth with a press of a button when required. White ink mixing system will prevent white pigment separation. R1390 printhead is widely available and costs very little to replace compared to the cost of other popular printheads. Each printer will comes with a spare R1390 printhead which is a consumable part and will need to be replaced occasionally, depending on your print volumes and maintenance procedures.

220V European model. Not suitable for US voltage.

The package will contain a brand new A3 roll printer, Acrorip 9 dongle, USB stick containing drivers, instructions and ICC profiles specifically calibrated for use with our ink and film, USB cable and some spares. DTF ink, film and powder will need to be purchased separately.

Consumables bundle option will include 1kg of soft and stretchy DTF hot melt adhesive perfect for t-shirt printing. 1 33cm x 100m double matte DTF film roll. 500ml of premium white DTF ink. 200ml of each CMYK colour. 100ml of DTF cleaning solution with a silicone tube and a set of syringes. All consumables that you need to get started.

Very important information. DTF printing, like the DTG printing, is a lot more complex than printing on paper using a regular desktop printer. DTF is not a plug and play solution. You need to be willing to carry out routine maintenance of your printer, go through some trial and error in order to achieve the desired results and be willing to get your hands dirty. If you are not a technical or computer savvy person, DTF is probably not the right garment printing solution for you. While we are more than happy to answer specific questions, we can not provide a complete training solution for you, for the time being. Video tutorials covering most common problems can usually be found on YouTube.

CMYK printing only covers around 70% of the colour spectrum. This is why professional photo printers come with 8-12 ink colours. There is only this much you can do with only 4 colours. Please do not expect perfect colour reproduction. You will need to be able to tweak your colours both in photoshop and acrorip in order to achieve the desired results. This takes a lot of knowledge and practice. We won’t be able to do this for you.

The printhead is a consumable item. It degrades over time. There are many ways in which you can destroy it. For example leaving the printer to sit idly without printing for a couple of weeks, scratching it during maintenance, delaminating it during the manual cleaning process or mixing different types of ink together without proper flushing. Frequent printing and correct maintenance will prolong your printhead’s life. You will need to be comfortable with maintaining and replacing the printhead when required. Because of the nature of this part, we do not offer any warranty on printheads.


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DTF Roll Printer, DTF Roll Printer + Consumables Bundle


DTF Roll Printer, DTF Roll Printer + Consumables Bundle