White DTF Ink – Nanodroplet

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White DTF Nanodroplet Ink. Water based textile pigment ink suitable for most printers. Exceptional brightness and wash resistance. Anti-clog formula. Can be used as normal white DTG ink. Perfect for desktop inkjet Epson printers, professional DTG machines and DTF printers. Please shake before use. One year shelf life. CMYK ink can be purchased here.

NEW Premium white ink option is now available. Premium ink contains higher quality, more expensive ingredients. It is less oily and has reduced pigment separation. Ink coverage and brightness have been slightly improved. Premium white DTF ink can be mixed with the standard ink so there is no need to flush the printhead when upgrading from standard to premium ink. It is however recommended to use up or empty as much of the standard ink as you can before refilling your printer with the premium ink.


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DTF stands for Digital Transfer Film, also often referred to as Direct To Film transfer. It’s the latest garment printing technology that aims to solve a number of problems existing t-shirt printing methods have. For more information please see our FAQ section at the top of the page.

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